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Aichroth Family

from Bad Boll in Württemberg

The honourable family of Aichroth from Bad Boll near Weilheim an der Teck in Württemberg, Germany, which descends from the master baker Wilhelm Aichroth, the father of the master baker Wilhelm Gerhardt Aichroth, born in Bad Boll, and grandfather of the master baker Gerald Paul Aichroth, born in London 1912, is bearing a coat of arms as following:

Gules between two Florence Nightingale lamps or a crippled oak tree argent sustained by a pole argent, all surmounted bya broadsword in fess proper, a chief tierced palewise, 1st and 3rd, argent a double rose gules and argent slipped and leaved proper, 2nd, sable a harvest festival bread shaped like a garb or.

Crest, on a wreath of the colours an eagle reguardent argent holding in the dexter claw a portcullis or.

This coat of arms was adopted to be borne and used by him and his heirs, by Paul Michael Aichroth, orthopaedic surgeon in London, born in London on April 30th, 1936, the great grandson of the above mentioned family ancestor.